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This is the Most Frequently Asked Question or People in mind for Narvy Studios. Hope, This will Help you to solve yours….

Q – What is Candid Wedding Photography ?

A – Candid Wedding Photography is a Art form or a Genre which only focused on capturing SUBJECT’s / OBJECT’s* moments Naturally i.e In other words, without posing or informing the SUBJECT /OBJECT *.( *- Please Note that the SUBJECT means a Living thing like People, Animal, etc & OBJECT means a Non-Living thing like Product )

Q – Do you provide Traditional Wedding Photographer ?

A – Now-a-days, People prefer candid photographers but YES! we do provide a Traditional Wedding Photographer.

Q – Are you Affordable ?

A – We Have a Popular & Standard packages which are much affordable to all but we will customized it for you according to you needs.

Q – Do you provide Videography and Cinematography Services ?

A – Yes ! We do provide Videography and Cinematography Services along with Photography Services

Q – What Are your Charges ?

A – We charges you accordingly to needs & requirements of your wants. Normally, We pricing starting between 25,000 INR to 300,000 INR Per Day (9 hour) depending on the package. If payment done in other then INR then We will charge you some excess amount according to Conversion Rate.

Q – How many days will take for Deliveries ?

A – We take 5-6 Week to handover the complete set of pictures in soft/hard copy format. First 30 -50 images in 1st week for social media sharing and announcements.

Q – How can I booked You ?

A – Booking is Easy and Simple. Email Us with the details of your wedding. we will check our availability on those dates and work out . We blocks the dates after your first payment ie 40 % payment in advance.

Q – Do you Sign any Documents ?

A – Yes! We do sign a Agreement for better understanding and for good Long term Relations.

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